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When you are buying or refinancing your home, having the right knowledge can literally mean the difference between thousands of dollars, more or less, in your pocket up front over the life of your home ownership!
The right knowledge and advice can make a big difference.

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  Right choice

There are literally hundreds of different lenders in Canada; from banks, to trust companies, to insurance companies, etc. Choosing the mortgage that is best suited to your specific needs has never been more difficult.

  Our mission

We are 100% committed to serving your every need because unlike other mortgage salespeople, our business is built from referrals. Our business grows only if we provide superior service and results, and you are so delighted that you are cheerfully willing to tell family and friends about how we've served you.

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Once we have received your application, one of our mortgage specialists will begin the processing of the request and if there are any questions, we'll contact you. Since we work with the biggest Canadian Mortgage Lenders, through their mortgage centres, the underwriting and approval process is very quick.

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  Credit rating

Governed by provincial laws, the credit bureau - the clearing-house of information on consumers' use of credit - provides a credit history, which is a list of facts about how you handle debt. This information is gathered from financial institutions, retailers and other lenders. Most of your credit information remains on your file for seven years.

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