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" CanadianMortgageRates saved me a lot of time and effort and I'm sure that I couldn't have arranged it better myself even if I had the time. And it did not cost me a dime. My daughter referred me to CanadianMortgageRates - we should listen to our children more often. "

Carolyn M, Georgetown, Ontario
How Is This Service Organized?
On this page you can locate important on-line information relevant to real estate, homeownership, as well as other important links for business and entertaiment. We hope you will find the following links useful, and we'll try to add and subtract as time goes by.
Primarily, we have grouped the main sections of useful links into information topics such as Preffered Professionals and Helpful Services. We have also provided information organized by area and service. Search utility will help to easy locate point of interest.
Notice: Some of the links will carry you away from the CanadianMortgageRates Website.
Every link we list has been hand entered. We strive to visit each and every site to verify the content, and to assure the URL is working. But sites move, merge with other sites, get sold or go out of business. With number of links on our site, we can't check every link as fast as they can change. If you find a bad link, please let us know so we can fix it.
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